DVD Recording

  BCD DVD-1150 DVD Recorder with RS-232 control




BCD DVD-1150
Industrial DVD Recorder - Digital Video Recorder/DVR - Available with Hard Disk Drive


High Resolution Recording

High Resolution Recorder

The HDi-250 offers the high resolution 1080i/p recording in a 1U Rackmount form factor.  Complete inputs for Composite, Component, and HDMI.


Solid State Exhibit Video

  Solid State Video Players for Exhibits

Solid State Video Players
perfect for interactive pushbutton exhibits... DVD quality or HD !
They run forever, require no maintenance, easy to update.  Several models including networked for remote update.

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The Industrial DVD / DVR Recorder
with the features our customers asked for.
Available as DVD-1150HDD with Hard Disk Drive
Available 12VDC Power
Click for DVD-1150HDD Spec Sheet (pdf in a new window). 


DVD-1150 / DVD-1150HDD  Specifications 

Standard Features:

  • DVD-1150HDD:    250GB HDD  Recording
             (Equivalent to 58 DVDs)
    • Digital Video Recording: 58 Hours to 348 Hours Depending on Quality Setting
    • Record to Hard Disc Drive or DVD
    • Front-panel select DVD or HDD.  No drilling through menus.
    • Play from HDD or DVD
    • Copy HDD to DVD faster than real time (approx 2-4x)
    • Automatic Disc Spanning - Copy Large HDD files to Multiple DVDs    (HDD does not connect as a network drive.)
  • Multiple Control Methods  
    Click Here for Rear Control Connector Panel
  • Complete confidence - Full Status Feedback via remote connection
  • Designed for Computer Control, AMX®, & Crestron® 
  • Multi-Machine Control from a single serial port.
    (Machines are software-assignable by number)
    Click here for Multi-Machine...   
  • Remaining Record Time Available Front Panel, RS-232 & USB
  • Single Button Record...or not. See Basic Commands
  • Optional Internet Control - From Anywhere!  Click for Internet Control
  • 1U Form Factor - Includes Rackmount Brackets
  • Ultra Bright useful VF Display
  • Variable Speed PB: Fwd 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, Rev 1/8, 1/4, 1/2
  • Control: RS-232 & USB Serial (BCD1 Protocol: PLAY, STOP, etc.)
  • Assign Labels to DVD Titles via RS-232 (up to 15 characters)
  • Easy DVD Finalization: single RS-232 command FINL & Front Panel.
    DVD +RW (our favorite!) needs NO FINALIZING! Playable immediately.
    See "The Plus R Discussion ".
  • Records DVD format discs
  • Recorded Discs play on other DVD players
  • DVD-1150: Complete Security - No HDD or cache memory
    (Use DVD-1150HDD if Hard  Drive is required)
  • Rugged Construction - an Industrial DVD Recorder
    Heavy Metal Enclosure

 Content Signals & Processing:

  • Recording: +R, +RW,  5 Recording Speeds/Qualities (1 hr - 6 hrs)
  • Video In/Out:  NTSC or PAL: Composite (BNC), S-Video (S-Video connectors)
  • Audio In/Out: Line Level (RCA)


  • Front Panel Buttons: Stop, Play, Record, Pause, Eject, Arrows, Menu, Enter
  • RS-232: DB-9F from host controller (computer, AMX, Crestron, etc.)
  • Dual DB-9 RS-232 loop-thru for multi-machine control
  • USB: USB-B connector for USB control, similar to RS-232 control


  • Control: Ethernet: RJ-45 for network control. 
    Built-in webserver with graphic controls.


Dimensions:  Width x Height x Depth (inches) 17.5" x 1.875" x 12.5"
Weight: 6 lb. approx
Power: 110-240VAC, 50-440hz, 2A approx.
Made in USA

Notes:   Standard BCD Warranty: One-Year Parts and Labor   

  Dealer/Resellers Welcome.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ordering Information:
DVD-1150    MSRP: $ 1995.00 *  (No hard drive) 
DVD-1150HDD MSRP: $ 2195.00 *  (250GB hard Drive)
      * Prices effective August 1, 2009

1150-WS     MSRP $  295.00  Web Server Interface for
            LAN/Internet Control (Factory Option with initial order.)
1150-12VDC  12VDC Power Supply & Connectors - Special Order


BCD Associates, Inc.
2800 NW 36th Street, Ste 220
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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DVD-1150 - More Features...

Fast Startup

Ready to operate in about a minute!

Group several recorders together so that the command "GRUP 1; RECS" makes all machines record at once.  No one ever needed more than one group, but someone asked for more groups, so now we can have lots of GRUPs.  And each machine remembers its DECK and GRUP numbers in flash.

12-Volt DVD Recorder
The DVD-1150 DVD Recorder is available with a 12VDC power supply.  Includes connector cable for your end.  Draws only 2A at 12 Volts DC.  Special Order.

High Definition High Resolution

The HDi-250 offers HDMI Input, Component Input and Composite Input.

HDMI and Component offer the highest resolution 1080i/p recording in MP4 files.

Please call 405-702-6888 for more details.


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